Software to CLEAN your computer

Microsoft Security Essentials — free antivirus from Microsoft (for Vista/7)

Avast — An excellent Antivirus program we highly recommend. The free version is great!

Combo Fix — Malware removal tool. Use with caution (for up to Win7)

ADW Cleaner — Adware removal tool

* Malwarebytes — Malware removal tool

TDSS Killer — Rootkit removal tool

CCleaner — Cookie/History/Temp file cleaner

Eusing Registry Cleaner — Registry cleaner

Productivity Applications

Team Viewer — Remote support application for Windows

Classic Shell — For Windows 8… restores the start menu like Win7

* Spam Reader — filters junk mail

Video Codec Pack — installs software to watch videos online

Format Factory — Convert videos/audio to other formats

Open Office — A free office clone

Paint.Net — A free photo editor

GIMP – A free photo editor (more complex than

Office Compatibility Pack (for Office 2003) — Install to open new files on Office 2003

Office 2007 (save as PDF option) — Add feature missing to Office 2007

Calibre — Ebook catalog

PDF Creator — Print anything as a PDF (beware … this program does contain adware. Use caution when installing and read the prompts)

Web Browsers (other than IE)

Google Chrome – Best browser on Earth!

Apple Safari — based on Mac browser

Firefox — Another alternative browser

Helpful Websites — Capture and save YouTube video/audio (java based)

Comparitech Security Guide — Some excellent reading for your internet security needs. Lots of helpful info.

Windows 10 Hacks

(These are registry files. If you’re using IE, you can click and run. If you are using Chrome, you need to RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS.  Then run the file to import the settings to the registry. Reboot once that has completed)

Disable the Windows 10 Upgrade on your computer. (for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 computers only) This will stop the upgrade box from appearing in the lower right corner of the PC. You will still see ads on websites such as for upgrading. However it will not be pushed out as a Windows Update. Domain users do not need this patch. 

Clean up the Windows 10 files on on your PC. (for All Windows PC’s) This program will remove and block the Windows 10 GWX and remove the installation files, clearing up to 6GB (or more) of used space. Download the stand-alone edition and that will do the job! This can also turn off Windows 10 updates. Especially useful when drivers are updated and your system fails.

 … more to come


* The Basic program is free, but costs may be involved to offer full functionality.

BeckPC does not support any of these programs. However we do use most of them on a regular basis.