Please welcome Griffin to BeckPC

Effective March 5th, 2018, BeckPC is welcoming Griffin Dampier to the company.

He brings experience to the company, including repairs of mobile devices. We will soon be able to replace broken screens in Apple and Android devices. Please give a warm welcome to our new addition.

Thank you.

Hard drive: Standard vs Solid State

Standard hard drives have been around for a very long time. They spin, reading and writing data much like a phonograph record. They get hot. They wear out. Data loss is always possible, so back ups are recommended often. The warranty on most drives is only one year.

Solid State drives are newer and much faster, but smaller. In today’s world of fast computers, a hard drive can be a bottleneck slowing down the entire system. It’s the cog that runs the slowest. A good, high quality solid state drive is the best way to increase the performance of a slower device. They do cost more, but offer a longer warranty of about five years. Trust me, the cost is worth every penny!

A few years ago, I had a very old laptop that booted in about 4 minutes. Cloning the drive to a solid state drive reduced the time to about 15 seconds. Not only did it load faster, but everything was faster. It acted like a new computer! It’s quite amazing. Call me if you would like to know more.

Upgrade or Replace ?

When it’s time to do something about your five year old computer, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Should I spend money on this, or just replace it?

A five year old computer has provided quite a bit of enjoyment and productivity. The components are wearing out and most likely it would take a few hundred dollars to bring it back to life. It might not last long after that due to wear and tear on the motherboard and components. However it’s the only way to keep an older version of Windows going. If you are really stuck on something other than Windows 10, this is your only option.

Replacing the computer would give you access to a newer processor, which could be much faster. Memory is faster. Hard drives are faster. Upgraded wireless adapters make connections quick. It would come with Windows 10 and continue to get updates as often as they are released. You might need to update your old software to be compatible. This will add to the bottom line cost of the new device.

The last thing to keep in mind when replacing a computer … is the cost. Yes, you can get a $250 computer. It will be the bottom of the line with a slow processor and limited features. If you put a few more bucks into the device, you’ll get something that will run better, last longer, and provide more functionality over the years. Just remember the saying … you get what you pay for.

As a recommendation … I prefer Intel processors. The i3, i5, and i7 are the good, better, and best of the chips available today. The more RAM, the better. Don’t go for excessive hard drive storage space. Go for solid state, which is smaller, but faster and more reliable. The speed of the device will make you smile.

Hard drive life span

Now that your computer is over 2 years old, you might want to consider replacing the hard drive. Consider it a consumable product of your device. It holds your entire life of photos, music, web surfing history and downloads. It can also contain your tax records and other banking information. What would happen if you were unable to load up your device tomorrow morning?

The life span of a standard hard drive is about 2 years. Some last longer, but it’s not something you can bet upon. Before your computer dies, you might want to consult with BeckPC in regard to your hard drive life. It may be getting close to failure, and you don’t even know it. They do wear out and should be replaced.

If you’re PC is acting super sluggish, a fresh install of Windows might be best. Microsoft doesn’t tell the public, but the engineers know that Windows should be reinstalled every year or two. How old is your copy of Windows? All those years of clutter and junk are slowing everything down.


RANSOMWARE is becoming a real issue. Not only are these type of infections caused by executable files via email, but also as Word documents. DO NOT OPEN anything you are not sure about. By running one of these infected files, you WILL lose access to all of your personal information. We do not recommend paying the ransom. Why trust someone who would do that to you? It’s likely, you’ll never see your money or your files ever again. 



Microsoft will NEVER call you. These support calls you might be getting on your phone are only scams. They will tell you ANYTHING to convince you to allow them to take remote control of your computer. Once that’s done, you’ll be told your system is badly infected, when in reality, they are installing a lot of malware. Then they will want to charge you for some maintenance software to keep it clean. Don’t fall for it. 

NEVER EVER LET ANYONE INTO YOUR COMPUTER REMOTELY UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. If you’ve already fallen for the scam, call us immediately. Your personal information is at risk.