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flex-windowServicing computers in Louisville KY and Southern Indiana for your home or business for over 30 years. I’ve been programming since the late 70’s and bought my first computer (Atari 400) in the early 80’s. Started building computers just a few years later. I’ve worked with DOS and every versions of Windows since then. That’s a lot of computer experience!

Feel free to give us a call for your computer needs, whether it’s your business or for your home!


Need a computer tech? Call us today. We make house calls.

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Microsoft will NEVER call you. These support calls you might be getting on your phone are only scams. They will want to take remote control of your computer and tell you that your system is badly infected, when in reality, they are installing a lot of malware. Then they will want to charge you for some maintenance software to keep it clean.

NEVER EVER LET ANYONE INTO YOUR COMPUTER REMOTELY UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. If you’ve already fallen for the scam, call us immediately. Your personal information is at risk.


RANSOMWARE is becoming a real issue. Not only are these type of infections caused by executable files via email, but also as Word documents. DO NOT OPEN anything you are not sure about. By running one of these infected files, you WILL lose access to all of your personal information. We do not recommend paying the ransom. Why trust someone who would do that to you? It’s likely, you’ll never see your money or your files ever again. 



Got a question about Windows 10? Check out the Q&A page. It’s the latest version of Windows to be released.


Beck PC tries to answer all calls, but often we are assisting other customers.
Please leave us a message and we’ll call you back as soon as possible. Remember, if you don’t leave a message, we may not know you’ve even called. There are some places our phones do not ring, nor register a missed call. So please leave a quick message if you don’t mind. I’ll call you back as quick as I can.

Beck PC is not responsible for computers or parts left for more than 30 days. We do our best to contact and inform of any failed equipment. If the equipment is not needed back, it will be disposed of. Any repaired computers left for more than 30 days will be sold or scrapped.

$5/hr discount for employees of business clients, senior citizens or retired folks, public servants such as firemen, police, or military.

We appreciate your business and your referral of friends and relatives.

Incorporated 2006. Over ten years supporting customers in the Metro Louisville area